Scotland Rugby League is the governing body for rugby league in Scotland overseeing development and participation at all levels of the sport. Our aim is to provide opportunities for people of all ages to take part in the game while developing a strong competitive environment to support the development of our international players.

In 2008 the Great Britain international team separated into Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. There were many reasons for this, some emotional, some rational, but all geared to further develop the game. The first and by far the largest opportunity for Scotland is the World Cup. The pinnacle of international competition that will next be staged in 2021 in England.

Scotland Rugby League already has a well respected international pedigree:

• Currently 8th in the World Rankings (2nd in Europe)
• Rugby League European Championship 2014 – WINNERS
• Rugby League World Cup 2013 – QUARTER FINALIST
• Amateur Four Nations 2010 – GRAND SLAM CHAMPIONS
• European Cup 2009 – RUNNERS UP
• Under-16s European Cup 2009 – WINNERS
• Under-18s European Cup 2008 – WINNERS

The open-age competition in Scotland is the Scotland Rugby League National League, with clubs based across the length and breadth of the country.

The National Youth League runs competitions at both under-15 and under-17 level.

As a summer sport, these competitions run from April to August and the season culminates in the Grand Final, where the top teams in each league play off to be crowned season champions.

The MatchPoint Saltire Schools Cup is Scotland Rugby League’s flagship schools tournament.

 Men's World RankingsWomen's World Rankings
1(1) Australia(1) Australia
2(3) England(2) New Zealand
3(2) New Zealand(3) England
4(4) Tonga(4) Canada
5(5) Fiji(5) Cook Islands
6(6) France(6) Papua New Guinea
7(7) Samoa(7) France
8(8) Scotland(8) Italy
9(9) Lebanon(NR) Fiji
10(10) Papua New Guinea(NR) Samoa
11(12) Wales(NR) Brazil
12(11) Ireland(NR) Turkey
13(14) Jamaica(NR) Serbia
14(13) Italy(9) Lebanon
15(15) USA
16(19) Greece
17(16) Malta
18(20) Norway
19(17) Serbia
20(18) Hungary
21(21) Canada
22(22) Philippines
23(23) Poland
24(24) Niue
25(25) Czech Republic
26(26) Netherlands
27(27) Solomon Islands
28(43) Cook Islands
29(29) Russia
30(28) Spain
31(31) Turkey
32(33) Vanuatu
33(32) Chile
34(34) Japan
35(30) Germany
36(36) South Africa
37(32) Ukraine
38(36) El Salvador
39(40) Hong Kong
40(38) Sweden
41(41) Colombia
42(39) Belgium
43(43) Argentina
44(42) Thailand
45(46) Brazil
46(45) Uruguay
47(46) Denmark
48(47) Bulgaria