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UKCC Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Rugby League
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Level 1 and 2
Coaches can now apply for funding using our online application portal. You will first need to register your details with us before logging onto the system and navigating through the application form. The following links will take you to the page relevant to the application you are making.
Individual applications:
Level 1 
Level 2 

For more information:
Email: Carrie-Ann Downs


Sportscotland recognises the importance of accessible, affordable coaching courses being available to coaches who are involved in sport and currently offer funding towards the cost of UKCC endorsed qualifications. We have committed to further enhancing this process by ensuring that a simple, consistent and targeted approach to The UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) investment is provided.

Aligned to this approach will be an increased focus on improving the quality of the coaching workforce by placing a greater emphasis on the support and transition of coaches along the UKCC pathway, resulting in a more competent and qualified coaching workforce in Scotland.
If you are looking to get qualified as a coach and want to know more about how this can be funded. There are many organisations, including sportscotland that can help with funding.

UKCC is a national framework that aligns coach education programmes across sports throughout the UK against agreed criteria, including:
the endorsement of the coaching qualification the development of appropriate resources to deliver effective and high quality coach education programmes
quality assured administration of coach education provision, and quality assured training provision of coach education programmes.

There are 4 levels of recognised qualification:

Level 1 – Assisting a more qualified coach to plan and deliver aspects of a session, under supervision
Level 2 – Preparing, delivering and reviewing a coaching session on your own
Level 3 – Planning, delivering and evaluating an annual programme of coaching
Level 4 – This is currently under review and is more focussed on professional coaching and innovative coaching methods

Please note –
For courses starting on/after the April 1st 2015, coaches will qualify for the following subsidy amounts;
Level 1 40% of full course cost with a maximum value of £100
Level 2 70% of full course cost with a maximum value of £400
Level 3 & 4 a variable scale of 25%, 50% or 75% of the full course cost


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