Scotland Rugby League have today announced that three players have been released from their 2017 Rugby League World Cup squad for misconduct.

The players concerned are captain Danny Brough, Sam Brooks and Johnny Walker.

The trio remained in Christchurch this morning while the rest of the team flew to Cairns to prepare for their match against Samoa next weekend.

Chairman of Scotland Rugby League, Keith Hogg said: “We expect everyone involved in Scotland Rugby League to adhere to the highest standards of behaviour.

“We fully support the code of conduct that is in place for everyone who is involved in the 2017 World Cup.

“We all understand our responsibilities to the game and we must respect the sport and everyone who is involved in it at all times.

“Unfortunately, these three players have not adhered to those standards and those values and will be leaving early from a tournament that it is a privilege for us to be involved in.”

For further inquires please contact Scotland Rugby League chairman Keith Hogg on +61 431 760304.