Paul emigrated to Blenheim, New Zealand in mid 2017. His wife, Joey, comes from this region in the south island of New Zealand. Paul is an inclusion and behaviour manager, engaging kids with behavioural difficulties in schools. He has previously worked in mainstream, alternative, further education as well as for the criminal justice service.

Paul has been involved with Scotland Rugby League for the last 3 years. He is one of a few staff members to have worked with multiple Scotland squads in the same year, working with Scotland Students, U19s, and the Senior squad in 2017. Paul was the team manager as well as conditioner for the Universities World Cup in 2017.

Beckett said:

“It was a great experience to work with Super League and NRL players and coaches at the 2017 World Cup. This just added to the great time that we all had during the Student World Cup last July”

Before moving to New Zealand Paul worked with Swinton Lions and gained some Championship experience and was very grateful to all the players and coaches for letting him gain an insight into the workings of such a great club.

Paul is currently conditioning the Marlborough Boys College Falcons 1st XV and is looking forward to helping the lads kick on this season. Paul is also helping out with the coaching and is contemplating maybe putting playing boots back on for his local amateur league team – Wairau Tanipha.

Paul played for a number of amateur clubs in the north west of England including Crossfields, Folly Lane and Golborne Park. He captained Staffordshire University RL. ACL injuries forced an early retirement and his focus on conditioning.

“I am hugely passionate about working for Scotland Rugby League and all other clubs I’m involved with. I believe strongly in instilling professional standards and good values at all levels of the game to help develop better athletes and better people.”

Paul is a big lover of Manchester music – when not busy on the field Paul enjoys playing guitar, and listening to the Smiths, Stone Roses, Joy Division and Richard Ashcroft.