The Saltire Schools Rugby League competition has a specific focus to promote school to club links. This means that Scotland Rugby League specifically look to target schools where there can be a direct outlet to a rugby league community club, however schools without the link are still encouraged to take part in the competition.

The aims of the School to club links are to:

Build on or enhance the existing physical education and sports opportunities available to young people in schools.
Increase the opportunities for participation in sport for both players and volunteers.
Offer a high quality, lifelong sports experience that helps the retention of young people in sport beyond school leaving age.
Improve club safety including child protection and risk management.
Provide increased opportunities for schools to connect with the wider community in which they are located.
Supply a vibrant and growing membership and volunteer base for clubs and national governing bodies.

Why does Rugby League want to be involved in the School Club Link Project?

Develop school club links increasing participation
Development and retention of volunteers
Support club development

Roles and Responsibilities of Scotland Rugby League:

To develop guidance, support and training for clubs.
To establish and develop minimum operating standards for clubs (ClubMark) and to provide training and resources to enable them to meet these standards.
To set targets and collect data in relation to the targets.

Key Outcomes

1. More accredited clubs
2. More links into School Sports Partnerships
3. More young people in accredited clubs

What needs to happen now?

If your school has entered into the Saltire Schools Rugby League tournament and there is a community club near you, speak to the regional development officers who will signpost the following:

Identify the local club
Agree how you will work together
Complete SCL agreement
Send agreement to RL Services
The school and club will receive an official certificate
Continue to monitor progress the relationship
There are clubs throughout the country that are available to support schools who wish to play rugby league.