Mission Statement

Scotland Rugby League is committed to providing excellent service to all its customers. Scotland Rugby League adopts the same Customer Charter as the Rugby Football League as detailed below.

The Rugby Football League is committed to managing, developing and promoting Rugby League in order to provide excellent, high quality customer services for the whole Rugby League family.


The objects of the Rugby Football League as set out in Constitution are:

(a) to foster, govern, develop, organise and manage the Game, in respect of all age groups, at all levels and for gender equality in Great Britain and Ireland;

(b) to develop and manage the playing of the Game at an international level;

(c) to make, adopt, vary and publish Bye Laws, regulations and conditions for the management and/or government of the Game and its competitions and matters relating thereto, and to take all such steps as shall be deemed necessary or advisable for enforcing such Bye Laws, regulations and conditions;

(d) to organise and administer competitions for the playing of the Game in Great Britain and Ireland by Clubs and those others invited to participate in such competitions;

(e) to promote, provide for, regulate and manage all or any details or arrangements or other things as may be considered necessary or desirable for, or ancillary to, the comfort, conduct, convenience or benefit or players of the Game and of the public or of any other persons concerned or engaged in or associated with the RFL;

(f) to assist and co-operate with any organisation having similar objectives;

(g) to exploit and sell and enter into contracts and other arrangements in relation to, and to take action to protect, all rights in or relating to Matches and other intellectual property rights of the RFL insofar as those rights are vested in or are managed by the RFL;

(h) to discipline players, Clubs and Members for breaches of the Bye Laws or the Laws of the Game and to adjudicate in respect of disputes between Clubs;

(i) to do all such other acts or things, to enter into contracts and undertakings with others and to take such other steps as may in the opinion of the RFL or its Board be conducive to the attainment or furtherance of the other objects of the RFL;

(j) to commit to the principles of equal opportunities and to ensure that the culture, philosophy and processes within the RFL and the Game are free from bias and discrimination.

Customer service aims

To provide a high level of customer service by Scotland Rugby League and the RFL which is professional and approachable for supporters and other members of the general public who need help, advice and information on any aspect of our activities or services.

To work with member clubs and associations to ensure that a high level of customer service is provided by Scotland Rugby League and the RFL to those members and by those members to the public


POST: Scotland Rugby League, Caledonia House, 1 Redheughs Rigg, Edinburgh EH12 9DQ

POST – Customer Services, RFL, Red Hall, Red Hall Lane, Leeds, LS17 8NB
PHONE – 0844 477 7113

We will try to respond to any letter or e-mail within 7 working days of receipt of such communication. If it is not possible to provide a full response to the issue raised within that time, an acknowledgement will be sent and a detailed reply will following within 28 working days of the original communication.

We will attempt to resolve all justifiable complaints within 28 working days. If, however, this cannot be done, we promise to keep the complainant updated on the progress of the complaint.

Misconduct complaints

All complaints of alleged misconduct made about persons subject to the Operational Rules of Scotland Rugby League and the Rugby Football League will be forwarded to the Head of Representative Rugby in Scotland Rugby League.

Complainants may be required to complete an official complaint form.

Staff Conduct

Scotland Rugby League staff and volunteers will conduct themselves in a courteous and responsive manner in all dealings with customers. Scotland Rugby League is committed to treating all persons equally.

All complaints of misconduct made about member of Scotland Rugby League staff and volunteers will be forwarded to the Head of Representative Rugby as appropriate.


Scotland Rugby League is committed to consulting with recognised supporter and other customer groups.