Scotland Rugby League will ensure that ethical values are applied to its business behaviour.

Scotland Rugby League has published its core values;





and believes that these Values should underpin the way Scotland Rugby League conducts itself.

Scotland Rugby League commits to an ethical standard of behaviour from it and its board, staff, volunteers, to open governance and to fair and ethical trade.

Scotland Rugby League will review all contracts with business partners and suppliers to ensure that they apply an ethical approach to their business and particularly in the areas of kit and match balls commits to  dealing only with those companies who apply strict ethical standards to their suppliers.

Scotland Rugby League will respect, engage and understand disabled participation, facilities and coaching, allowing individuals to participate fully and maximise their sporting talents.

Scotland Rugby League as a governing body is responsible for the rules and regulations of the game, it expects the clubs and those who play and are involved in the game to abide by an ethical code both on and off the pitch and it should ensure that it does so itself.

Scotland Rugby League will encourage its members to apply ethical Values, not just to their behaviour as rugby league clubs but also to their broader business behaviour.