France: (44) 88

Tries: Pastor (2), Despues (2), Mautz (5), Morais, Cochand, Gonzales, Penella, Menunier (2) Goals: Clausells (14)

Scotland: (0) 6

Tries: Grange Goals: Mellon

France completed their third win of the Wheelchair Rugby League European Championships with a convincing win over Scotland.

France scored their first try within the opening minute when Kevin Pastor completed a move by scoring in the corner.

Pastor then added his second try of the game as he got the ball on the wing and he raced to the corner to be given an early ten point lead.

France added a third try through Laurent Despues. He darted through the Scottish defence and placed the ball under the posts.

Despues then added a second try as he found a gap and he raced away to take France thought the twenty point mark.

A knock forward saw Guillame Mautz get ahead of Daniel Grant and he scored France’s fifth try of the game.

Matuz completed his hat trick when Scotland knocked the ball on, he found a gap on the try line and placed the ball by the right post.

Manual Morais scored his first try of the game as he weaved through the Scottish defence to give France a forty four point lead at half time.

France started the second half with a early try, Matuz raced from the halfway line to score his fourth try of the game.

Mautz added his fifth try of the game when the ball pass was on the left, he squeezed the ball on the try line.

Christophe Cochand scored his first try of the game when he got the ball on the left he waltzed through to it France sixty points ahead.

Cochand turned to provider as he sped through and passed the ball to Theo Gonzales to score his first try of the game.

Michel Penella also grabbed his first try of the game when he got the ball on the right and touched down in the corner.

Cochand then created a great over the head pass to Yann Menunier and he touched down in the corner for his first try of the game.

Scotland scored their only try of the game when Michael Grange got the ball on the right and he touched ball down in the corner.

A French kick forward was chased down by Menunier and he touched the ball down to score his second try of the game.

Yann Menunier, Nicolas Clausells, Christophe Cochand, Mikael Gaune, Manual Morais, Guillaume Mautz, Laurent Despues, Michel Penella, Lionel Alazard, Kevin Pastor, Theo Gonzales

Michael Grant, Daniel Grant, Gavin Dobson, Jay Anderson, Michael Mellon, Stephen Carling, Graeme Stewart, David Harris