It was a tough day at the office for our Wheelchair Bravehearts in Carcassonne. A mix up prior to kick off ended up with Scotland kicking off the campaign instead of receiving the ball.

Italy making their world cup debut were on fire from the word go and for a while it seemed as though every time an Italian hand held the ball they gained 6 points. Ronny Robb though he had grounded the ball, with all the pride of Tayside, for the try to be disallowed by the French officials.

Connor Blackmore would also go over the line to be adjudged to have dived in to score (illegal in the wheelchair game). The pace and power of the Italy squad led to a brutal 60 point lead at half time.

The second half began with the Scottish contingent fighting hard but not receiving the points rewards for their efforts. Michael Mellon would eventually be granted his 4 points in 55 minutes. Before converting and claiming another 2 points for the Bravehearts.

Italy would continue to attack with a frightening pace that caused mayhem in the ranks every time.

After the match Peter Lowis said;

“Our guys were a credit to our sport and to themselves in the way they stuck together and fought bravely, we were outstripped by pace. The scoreline in no way reflects the play of our team.”

Final score: Italy 110—6 Scotland.